芝麻开门是加拿大One Thousand & One 公司旗下的互联网产品,覆盖芝麻开门网站、芝麻开门手机客户端APP,为加拿大的中国留学生、移民及当地华人提供网上交流与分享平台、信息资讯等服务。内容包括:












Introduction to Magic Sesame

Magic Sesame is an Internet product owned by One Thousand & One Inc. in Canada. It covers magicsesame.com website and mobile APPs. It provides UGC platform, news and local life information for Chinese students, immigrants and Chinese speakers in Canada.  Its content includes:

Chinese Q&A Community: Gather all kinds of high-quality answers, experience and tips. Whether it is the problems faced by international students in applying for schools and visa, or the issues of buying a house, employment and entrepreneurship faced by new immigrants, users can ask related questions in the Q&A community of Magic Sesame and get answers and tips from senior students, study abroad experts, professionals in the workplace, and professionals. The community connects users with each other in the form of question and answer to achieve mutual assistance. Through the recommendation function of the community, users can easily find other users who are from the same school or same city, and who have the same occupation, to expand their social network.

Institutional Database: Gather all types of post-secondary institutions and secondary schools in Canada. Users can easily find the Chinese version of the target school's detailed information through the school search engine, and quickly identify the differences between secondary schools and university programs through the comparison function, so as to help users more effectively target their schools for application and make the reasonable learning plan combining with the high-quality answers of the Q&A community.

Finding Jobs: Users with employment needs can browse recruitment information at Magic Sesame. Users can also post recruitment information. Students can also learn about the most popular companies in Canada and China through employer information.

Finding Volunteers and Activities: Volunteers and participating in various activities in North America are important ways to integrate the society and accumulate social experience and work experience. There are such strong demands among international students and new immigrants. Users can find or post volunteers and activities through Magic Sesame.

House Hunting: Users can find or post houses for rent at Magic Sesame.

Life Encyclopedia: Users can search for food, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, attractions, and can also post second-hand items for sale.

Sesame Headlines: Users can browse important Canadian news information on the homepage of the website or under the "Life" menu of the mobile Apps.

The Vision of Magic Sesame

To become the leading brand of Canadian Chinese Internet.

The mission of Magic Sesame

Bring high-quality content to users through the Internet, and become an important tool and helper for users to study, live and develop in Canada.